The "Aktion Tierwohl" concept

The basic idea of Aktion Tierwohl is to improve the wellbeing of livestock based on a feedback control system: first of all better husbandry conditions were defined, which improve the welfare of animals beyond the current legal standard. The results, substantiated by the various findings concerning observations and optic criteria are collected in the abattoir and create, consolidated by historic and current data farm profiles and indices. These findings provide information about the animals’ wellbeing during their lifetime. At the same time they are also a useful basis for defining improved husbandry conditions of the future. As such, Aktion Tierwohl represents a dynamic process of continuous improvement in animal wellbeing.


In order to implement the Aktion Tierwohl concept, criteria have been defined and executed on premises, which exceed the legal requirements. Further documented measures adopted voluntarily regulate the results of these efforts in particular. By taking this approach it is possible to verify animal welfare. We attach great importance to the neutrality and objectivity of the data gathered in the process. Only independent institutes and official experts carry out both farms audits as well as recording data at meat processing sites.