"Aktion Tierwohl"

Aktion Tierwohl is a programme designated for concerned consumers who would like to improve animal welfare but without giving up meat consumption.


On the following pages we would like to give you a detailed survey of how participating farms and meat-processors comprehensively ensure that the welfare of livestock is improved beyond the current legal standard.


As such, they have adopted specific measures voluntarily which exceed the legal requirements. This applies particularly to:


  • Husbandry conditions in stables
  • Group housing for pregnant Sows
  • Veterinary health plan on farms
  • Watersupply and feeding
  • Transport times




These additional costs, associated with these criteria are reflected in a slightly higher selling price compared to the market average, but with a clear price advantage to organic produce.


Aktion Tierwohl encourages, to keep farm animals properly, in a healthy state whereby they experience improved wellbeing - a concern shared by livestock owners and consumers.